16th January 2022 was the day when Team Gamma were feeling both nervous and excited. Thanks to our amazing coaches, we have been using UBD Sports Complex to hold our weekly training while adhering to the S.O.P. We made good use of the 4 hours that we had and trained to the fullest.


During the first session, we were divided into 3 groups. Each of the groups was led by a coach. We had a basic receiving practice for an hour.

The next 30 minutes was the moment Team Gamma was anxiously waiting for- a test of receiving skills. Everyone was feeling tense as it was an individual test but we all gave our very best to show what we have learnt.

After that, we had a ‘mini receiving game’ where there were only 4 members in a group but the twist was that we could only score points by receiving. We felt a little more relaxed than before and had a blast playing together. Finally, down to the last 2 hours, we were able to fully loosen up and enjoy our fun games.

Despite the nervousness Team Gamma felt, we all agree that the test has motivated us to work harder to become a better and stronger team.



Prepared by: Xin Ai

Proofread by: Coach L

Edited by: Coach J