Most of our members have finally been fully vaccinated on 11th December. Completing the vaccination means that all of us could resume our physical training soon. Most of our members had their 1st dose on 11th November. Since we couldn’t have our training in a face-to-face setting due to the restrictions imposed by the government, we conducted a few training sessions virtually.


We had our first virtual meeting on 10th October, we focused on strengthening our jumping ability. Since this was our first training, we did some basic workouts and everyone was able to follow.




Then the second virtual training was held on 21st November where we did a full body workout for 30 minutes.

                                                             Our third virtual training was held on 5th December, which aimed at strenghthening our arms and core.

The virtual training sessions were led by our team captains, namely Yihua, Jia Wen and Trisha. Although some of the workouts were challenging, most of our members were able to complete the workout and felt even more motivated to play volleyball! Now that majority of our members are fully vaccinated, we will soon be able to meet one another for the next training while adhering to the guidelines set by the government.




Fully vaccinated Velocians taking photos at the photo booth.




This “moment”  post was prepared by JiaWen


Proof read by Coach L

Blogpost edited by Coach J