18th December was truly a very exciting day which majority of us, Velocians, had been waiting for over the past 4 months. We can finally step back onto the court once again! Everyone wasn’t any less excited about the fact that we could be on the court and play volleyball with our teammates.


Since majority of the members are fully vaccinated, we can finally resume our physical training. To ensure the safety of our members, we all are required to take the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) once every two weeks. ART test results must be uploaded to our website by our members so that we can keep track of everyone’s health condition.


                  ART test result submitted by one of our members


During this endemic phase, we currently have our session once a week in Fitness Zone, Kiulap. The training is usually divided into two sessions, in which 12-18 players take turns to have volleyball games. As we haven’t played volleyball for so long, the coaches organised some fun games for us to re-polish our skills and recall what we have learnt before.


A few of the members felt that their stamina wasn’t as good as before, resulting in feeling tired and muscle soreness after the session. Despite all this, we all had lots of fun, enjoyed it and looked forward to the upcoming sessions. I believe every member is eager to improve their skills, such as receiving, serving and spiking. Hopefully we can get back to our peak performance in no time.


Velocians having their fun games


Cheers to a fresh new start and looking forward to meeting all the members on the court during the upcoming training sessions.




This “moment”  post was prepared by Yihua


Proof read by Coach L

Blogpost edited by Coach J