17th April 2022 — Today, we had our usual Sunday Training at UBD Sports Complex, adhering strictly to the S.O.P. However, it was not like the previous Sunday training we’ve had because a special guest was invited to train the girls team this Sunday, Coach Ira!

We started off the first hour of our 4-hour training by doing some basic receiving and setting practice; firstly in pairs then in groups. Each receiving practice session lasted for 30 minutes under the supervision of Coach Ira.

For the next hour, Coach Ira prepared a drill for us to polish our receiving skills. This involved receiving serves, spikes, drop balls as well as back row balls. It was enervating yet so exciting as we had to do quick crab-walks across the whole court to receive properly!

During the next 30 minutes, most of the girls had a serving practice while others focused on sharpening their attacking skills and receiving skills.

Finally, we spent the last hour and 30 minutes enjoying fun games. The long rallies between the different teams were exhilarating!

Special thanks to Coach Ira for guiding the girls during this training. The girls agreed that this training had taught us more basic skills that should’ve been acquired a long time ago. Team Gamma will strive to do their best in the future!




Prepared by: Michelle

Proofread by: Coach L

Edited by: Coach J


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