Who are we?

Velocious Volleyball Club is a non-profit volleyball team that was founded in 2019. The club comprises a bunch of passionate volleyball players. Velocious is dedicated to increasing public interest in volleyball and making volleyball training accessible to all the volleyball lovers in Brunei. We offer training sessions and fun games for both male and female athletes aged 15 and above. Other than that, we also provide a platform which helps produce young people with great virtues, self-discipline and problem-solving skill. All in all, Velocious places great emphasis on volleyball skills, character-building and leadership.


Core Values








The most important core values of our club are VELOCITY and TENACITY. “Velocity” refers to the skills that we focus on, such as setting, spiking, receiving and serving. “Tenacity” is all about persistence, enthusiasm and unwavering determination! Besides that, it is important for our members to develop a sense of team spirit in order to work together towards a common goal.


Furthermore, we put great emphasis on our members’ discipline and attendance. Our members are required to observe several regulations, such as obeying the instructions given by the coaches or captains during the training or tournament. The effectiveness of our training relies on regular attendance.


1st Generation Logo

2nd Generation Logo




In view of the above, we have our own system regarding the recruitment of new members. Newcomers have to attend a TRIAL session. If newcomers think the club suits their expectations, they will undergo an observation period of three months. During this period, they have to attend the training regularly to show both their dedication and commitment. Our training consists of fundamental skills training as well as stamina and endurance tests. The newcomers will then be tested on the fundamental skills. At the end of the observation period, our coaches will evaluate the newcomers’ performances and decide whether their status will be upgraded to official members.


Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations:

  • Play volleyball happily and seriously while respecting the sport, the court, your teammates and opponents at the same time.
  • Attend the training sessions regularly as this will enable the entire team to develop better communication, teamwork and team spirit.
  • Do NOT bring your personal issues to the team.
  • Observe your discipline and maintain the good image of the team.
  • You are NOT allowed to join or represent any other volleyball clubs unless permission is granted. Except represent official team. (e.g. joining school team, district team and national team etc).
  • A warning will be issued when you violate any of the rules. You will be expelled from the club upon the third warning.



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