Captains and Honorary Captains


Girls’ Team Captain – Jia Wen

Despite being one of the youngest members in the team, Jia Wen managed to earn her status as a Captain through her hard work, dedication and most importantly, leadership qualities. Jia Wen has shown a great sense of responsibility both on and off the court and she always ensures that errors are minimized as much as possible. Not only that, Jia Wen never fails to surprise us with her skill set despite playing volleyball for only 3 years.


Girls’ Team Assistant Captain – Trisha

When things become overwhelming for our captain – Jia Wen, our reliable assistant captain, Trisha, is there to support her through the hardships. Besides that, Trisha has shown her outstanding leadership skills by leading Velocious training sessions diligently and responsibly. Trisha is also very skilled in spiking and receiving, and she is definitely one of the more experienced players in Velocious.


Girls’ Team Assistant Captain – Xin Ai

Having joined the team for just a year, Xin Ai has recently been appointed as one of the assistant captains in the girls’ team. This is because she has proven that she is a fast-learner and a passionate volleyball player, which has led her to constantly seek improvement. Furthermore, she has displayed great leadership skills during games where she serves as a reliable teammate that everyone can count on.


Girls’ Team Honorary Captain – Alvina

Alvina was given the honorary status as she joined Velocious since Day 1 and she has always been there to witness and overcome difficulties faced by the team. She has given endless support to the team and her contribution has also made a huge impact on the female players. Although she is currently studying overseas, she still makes an effort to come back to Brunei and join our training or fun games during her semester breaks.



Boys’ Team Assistant Captain – Marcus

As one of the youngest players in the team, Marcus has always exhibited a great sense of responsibility and dedication to volleyball. He also strives to be a better player and his performance says a lot about the effort he puts in. Marcus has proved to us that age is indeed just a number and being a leader at a young age is not impossible.


Boys’ Team Assistant Captain – Shan Zeh

Being one of our team’s most reliable middle blockers, Shan Zeh has always given the team a sense of reassurance on the court with his fierce yet stable skills. Also, he’s always there to motivate us to strive for the better and to remind us that there is always room for improvement. He has been an inspiring figure in the team that we all look up to. 


 Boys’ Team Honorary Captains – CiaHuan (left) and Yihua (right)

Both Yihua and Cia Huan have given their all in leading the team during training sessions, fun games and volleyball tournaments, thereby receiving the title of Honorary Captains. It is undeniable that their effort has played a pivotal role in nurturing all-round volleyball players. Apart from being the most valuable players in the team, they both endeavour to lead by example, which makes the whole team look up to them.



Prepared by Shan Zeh, Michelle, Jia Qi, Xin Ai and Yihua